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About Youth Ambassadors

You have the power to bring food and education to children in India!

Akshaya Patra is seeking motivated, socially conscious young people who believe in their power to make the world a better place! If you are a junior high or high school student living anywhere in the United States, our Youth Ambassador program is open to you! This program provides you with an opportunity to engage in meaningful work that makes an actual impact.

Benefits of Becoming a Youth Ambassador

Akshaya Patra’s Youth Ambassador program offers the unique opportunity for you to build leadership, networking, and public presentation skills while improving the lives of over 1.8 million children in India. After graduating, you will have cultivated powerful abilities like public speaking and fundraising while assisting the foundation in building its grassroots movement in the US.

What’s Expected of Youth Ambassadors

  1. Plan and organize awareness and fundraising events. Plan a Give Feed Repeat Event in your community.
  2. Set a goal of raising a certain number of monthly subscriptions for $20.00 per month for a year. (Usually dependent on the age, between 50 – 100 subscribers) To achieve this goal you have to be willing to make a flexible time commitment that works with your schedule. You will be given training and support to help you achieve your goal.
  3. Write an essay or blog about Akshaya Patra. We will select and publish a new essay on our website and in the newsletter each month.
  4. Take part in the active Akshaya Patra campaigns and promote them within your social media groups
  5. Apply for a field trip to India to visit a kitchen and take part in a school program in India for a week.
    Take part in the ongoing YA activities we will be organizing.
  6. Apply to be a part of the Youth Ambassador Leadership Council. Lead a group of 250 Youth Ambassadors across the US.

Age is no barrier to helping Akshaya Patra with its mission to provide food and education to India’s children.

Be the positive change the world needs. Become an Akshaya Patra Youth Ambassador today!

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