Sindhu’s baby shower

Hello friends and family,
Back home in India, we refer and celebrate baby shower as “Valaikaappu” (in Tamil). There are so many traditional and rational reasons for this occasion. To me, it is all about making the mom and the unborn child happy and to get both of them excited about the times to come. During valaikaappu, we serve variety of food items to the mom, which she loves. And many other rituals are performed to make the mom feel special and respected. My family is super excited to invite you and your family to this occasion, and we’d appreciate your presence and blessings.

Everyone loves food, and no one in the world deserves to stay hungry. You may have read in many articles about how so many kids in India don’t get a healthy meal as part of their daily routine. A hungry kid can never succeed in education. We need this generation of kids to get better education, and make a difference. Let’s help them to make a difference! I came across Akshaya Patra foundation and I’m impressed by their mission and execution. Take a look at this youtube video They say ‘$20 provides a nutritious school lunch daily for one child for an entire school year’. Rather than buying gifts for us, please consider donating to the Akshaya Patra foundation. After all your valuable and generous contributions, my family will contribute the remaining amount left in the goal.

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