Anika’s 3rd Birthday Giving

Help us celebrate Anika’s 3rd birthday by donating to Akshaya Patra.
The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that is focused on eliminating classroom hunger by feeding a filling, nutritious mid-day meal every school day. Akshaya Patra Foundation cooks, transports, and serves 1.8 million midday meals to government school children in 16,856 schools across 13 states and 1 Union Territory in India every day.

Current progress

Goal: $300

Current: $100

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Rahul Ratra

2019-12-13 10:19:57

$ 25.00


Mohan Choudhary

2019-12-12 19:59:28

$ 25.00


Anuj Kumar

2019-12-10 14:27:09

$ 25.00


Rajesh Radhakrishnan

2019-12-04 14:51:51

$ 25.00